ное 2020
Melba Design Class
Melba Festival Design Class
Designathon Class REGULAR
80.00  лв.
Melba Festival Design Class
Designathon Class STUDENTS
60.00  лв.
0.00 лв.
The 2-day workshop by Aneliya Kyurchiyska from Pitch and Felix Kapolka from Goodpatch Berlin will focus on using the Designathon format based on the design thinking process. It is best learned when applied, that’s why the group will work hands-on on a challenge. Together the small group will start with a design challenge and work their way through research and ideation. With rapid prototyping and a final user testing, assumptions can be validated fast. Each attendee will get an insight into the digital design process by working multidisciplinary, conceptualizing and creating a prototype using industry-standard tools like Figma and Miro.